11 Gardening Hacks that Keep Your Plants Healthy

Posted on Apr 27 2017 - 3:31am by miriam

These 11 garden hacks will keep your plants looking healthy and make gardening much easier. Plants need a lot of attention to grow well however due to the hectic lifestyles of many, they often become victims of neglect. They are unable to let owners know that they need care, this lack of voice makes them easy victims of poor owner habits.

Plant owners don’t realize that their plants are in need of attention until it is too late. Plants can either want water, be affected by disease or may be exposed to too much sunlight or shade. It is critical that we pay attention to them to ensure that they well taken care of. These tips will get you started on the right track to gardening success.

11. Fertilizers

This trick is one of the easiest to undertake, fertilizers are readily available at garden shops so there is no excuse not to fertilize. Gardeners choosing to go organic also have readily available options such as kitchen waste to make for composting material.

Younger plants require fertilization especially because it is during their rapid growing stage where they require the most nutrients. Water soluble fertilizers can be added to water and applied with a watering can or spray can. Regular fertilization cause plants to grow rapidly with little stress.