12 Signs Your Relationship Will Last Longer

Posted on Jun 28 2018 - 8:21pm by shavon

Wondering how long does your current relationship will last? That’s quite a tough question to answer, and that’s what most couple often ask themselves. Well, don’t you worry! We’re going to help you and your lover figure out if your relationship could last until the end by providing the twelve signs every couple should watch out. Let’s start with the first sign below.

You two aren’t the only couple, but also best friends


This is one of the most common signs that your relationship with your current sweetheart will last longer. Those couples who have a best-friend relationship often lasts the longest. In fact, you can’t easily spot a couple, especially if they’ve been together for so long that it looks like they’re best friends instead of being a couple. Don’t worry if you’re still in the early relationship stage, you’re more likely to become best friends sooner or later!