13 Hidden Signs You Have a Thyroid Problem

Posted on Feb 9 2017 - 3:18am by miriam

Very few people know they’re suffering from thyroid problems, even if an estimated 59 million people in America alone are suffering from them. If not treated or corrected, it can affect your health and impact the quality of your life. In case you didn’t know, the thyroid is that butterfly-shaped gland in your neck that regulates a lot of bodily functions. There are many symptoms that point to a thyroid problem, and here are 13 of them.

1) Cold Temperature Intolerance

A symptom of an underactive thyroid is sensitivity or intolerance to cold temperatures. An overactive thyroid has sensitivity to hotter temperatures. The thyroid is responsible for producing hormones that control bodily functions, like metabolism, heartbeat, and body temperature. Any change in the thyroid levels can affect the body temperature, as well as the protein levels in the bloodstream. As a result, you may experience a heightened sensitivity to hot or cold.