4 Conditions Typically Experienced by People with Heart Disease

Posted on Feb 1 2017 - 9:53am by miriam

You can’t completely prevent ill-health, but you can take healthy steps to help ensure a long and healthy life for yourself. Heart disease kills thousands of people every day, so symptoms which may indicate heart disease are not to be treated lightly. If you are concerned about heart disease, or if you just want to learn more about it, read on for the early warning signs which will help you learn what to look out for and what you should be concerned about.

1. Dizziness

Dizzy spells can effect a lot of different people and they can be caused by various things including (but not limited to) an unhealthy heart. Dizzy spells can be caused by low blood pressure, narrowed valves and abnormal heart functions, so if you are experiencing dizzy spells it’s a good idea to get them checked out just in-case