7 Little-Known Ways WD-40 Can Change Your Life

Posted on Jan 23 2019 - 4:16pm by admin

WD-40, short for Water Displacement-40th Formula, is most likely not a foreign product to you. Chances are that you have a can of it lying around somewhere in your house as you read this. The 1953 Norm Larsen- invented product prevents any form of rust or corrosion in missiles. It has become quite popular with machinists and handymen and well- anyone with a household but have you ever thought of using it in any other way outside the norm? Below are 20 surprising ways to use the product.

Protecting Bird Feeders


(Image source: nearsay.com)

Bird feeders are the ultimate paradox. Much as they attract beautiful birds, they attract some not so wanted squirrels who steal your seeds. Spraying the pole with WD-40 will make the pole slippery, keeping the squirrels and other unwanted feeders away as they will slide off as they attempt to climb up. This prevents them from stealing your food.