A List of Foods and Drinks Not to Consume During Pregnancy

Posted on Apr 25 2017 - 9:34am by miriam

Raw meat on the whole is not recommended during pregnancy. On the list harmful items, shellfish and fish are not recommended because of the high levels of mercury that are in these foods. If pregnant women must consume seafood, it must be well cooked.

Undercooked Meats, Shellfish, Raw Fish

Seafood must be cooked so much that the internal temperature should not be lower than 145 degrees Celsius. The same rule applies to poultry; snacks should not include raw lunch meat and processed meats like hot dogs and even eggs. The only exception is for canned meats where meat spreads and pates can be eaten without any risk. To make sure that your meat is consumed well, use a special meat thermometer to make sure that the ideal heat has been reached.