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Jun 28 2018
by shavon |
Comments Off on 8 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Were Filthy Rich

Being a Hollywood celebrity is more than just popularity, with people following you every now and then. It also means bringing millions after millions of money. Yes, that is right – an actor can definitely a hefty cut no matter the role and size. This allows celebrities to live a fancy life full of cars, booze, and whatnot. But hey, the possibilities here are limitless, and these 8 celebrities are an epitome! // #1. Howard Stern – $645 Million Seriously, how can a radio host become a millionaire? Well, this is due to the...

Jul 21 2016
by miriam |
Comments Off on 8 Stars Got Fired From Big Movies. The Reason From ‘Lord of the Rings’ Is Just Ridiculous

1. Anne Hathaway in ‘Knocked Up’ She was originally nominated for the role of Alison Scott but was kicked-out of the movie after revealing she cannot do the birthing scene and claimed of being uncomfortable doing it. Immediately Judd Apatow decided she be replaced by Katherine Heigl. // ...

Jul 18 2016
by miriam |
Comments Off on 20 Celebrities That You Don’t Know Have A Twin Sibling

1. Scarlett and Hunter Johansson From the film “Horse Whisperer” Scarlett received an introducing credits. Wait, there’s more, she has a younger twin brother, Hunter, who is working as a campaign organizer for Barack Obama in the political world. // ...