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Feb 09 2017
by miriam |
Comments Off on 15 Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Don’t Know

  // We probably don’t think the food we are eating every day might cause us cancer. However there is definitely a connection between diet and cancer. As cancer became a plague of our modern age, a lot of research has been carried out to try and stem the amount of cases. With many reports on the relationship of diet to cancer available nowadays, we want to inform you about the most cancer causing foods. So keep reading and stay healthy! 15. Canned Tomatoes ADVERTISEMENT – ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW // // Though fresh...

Feb 08 2017
by miriam |
Comments Off on Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer

As women we are always aware of our body and what is happening to it. We check for lumps but what about the stuff we can’t see with the naked eye? Ovarian cancer has a few nicknames of its own like, the silent killer. Names like this are made up because ovarian cancer can already be in your body without you even knowing about it. It’s important to listen to your body and pay attention to the little things. 70% of ovarian cancer cases are not even detected until they are already in stage III. Always be honest with your gynaecologist...

Feb 06 2017
by miriam |
Comments Off on Top 10 Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease You Shouldn’t Ignore

A common misconception that a lot of people have about Alzheimer’s is that it is solely an “old people’s disease.” But this fact can’t be more farther than the truth. While advanced age is definitely a risk factor for this disease, it can also strike people in their forties- especially if they have immediate family members who were known to have early-onset dementia. The bad news: there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s disease. The good news: if the disease is detected early enough, the symptoms can be alleviated and controlled...

Feb 03 2017
by miriam |
Comments Off on 10 Cancer Symptoms You Are Likely To Ignore

No doubt about it, cancer is a vicious disease that destroys many lives. It’s important for everyone to be aware of early cancer symptoms that are easy to detect. Here’s 10 cancer symptoms you are likely to ignore: // 1. Swollen feet or legs Edema is a condition where fluid abnormally builds up in your body. If swelling occurs when you stand for long periods, this can be a sign of Edema. It is a cancer symptom that is often ignored, and in particular can be a sign of kidney, liver or ovarian cancers. If you have this symptom,...

Feb 01 2017
by miriam |
Comments Off on 4 Conditions Typically Experienced by People with Heart Disease

You can’t completely prevent ill-health, but you can take healthy steps to help ensure a long and healthy life for yourself. Heart disease kills thousands of people every day, so symptoms which may indicate heart disease are not to be treated lightly. If you are concerned about heart disease, or if you just want to learn more about it, read on for the early warning signs which will help you learn what to look out for and what you should be concerned about. // 1. Dizziness Dizzy spells can effect a lot of different people and...

Jan 29 2017
by miriam |
Comments Off on 10 Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease You Shouldn’t Ignore

10. Difficulty Writing Can you imagine the shock to your system if you hold a pen and can’t make sense of anything that you’re writing? This is one of the symptoms which is frequently overlooked but is one of the biggest signs of Alzheimer’s. One of our earliest lessons in life involves the tuning of these fine motor skills, therefore it is important to be aware of any loss of such muscle memory. // ...

Jan 25 2017
by miriam |
Comments Off on 10 Reasons to Stop Cooking in the Micro Wave

Micro wave ovens are known to produce high levels of radiation and these can be extremely harmful and many studies show that they they can be carciniagenic and can cause cancer. // 1. Radiation So needless to say try avoiding the micro wave oven as much as you can. // ...

Jan 25 2017
by miriam |
Comments Off on 9 Warning Signs of Liver Cancer

Liver cancer can be tricky to detect and is often quite hidden for a period of time. The liver is an amazing regenerative organ and because it can repair itself some, it can continue to work whilst under a lot of pressure even if degenerative. // In terms of cancer, a secondary liver cancer is often seen, this is where the cancer has actually moved on to the liver from another part of the body. This suggests a more advanced cancer has taken hold. The answer is to catch the cancer early before it spreads. We list 9 signs to be aware...

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