Worst Exercises for People Over 40

Posted on Jul 15 2016 - 3:22pm by miriam

While exercise is a must for healthy living along with healthy diets, there are exceptions as we age. Practically, your bones becomes weaker and smaller as you reach the age of 40 on average.

10. Leg Extensions

Exercises over the age of 40 is beneficial to physical health but there are limitations for the reason that as we age we are losing our elasticity and bone becomes smaller and weaker. Many of people over the age of 40 still wish to do the leg extension exercise but professionals warn that this is a mistake since you are putting too much pressure on your joints. Although it doesn’t require heavy weight lifting as it is done while seated, the core of the exercise is your knees and you are likely to develop knee problems when putting pressure on them. Scratch it off from your list and do walking or jogging instead. Putting pressure on any of your bones at this age is a risk since it is more likely be injured and takes longer to recover compared to when at your 20’s.